I stand here alone
unable to move; terrified to make a sound
how it that no love was ever shown
not once to me, I have no clue what it even feels like

I stand here completely broken
you took from me all my smiles and my laughs
my heart was the cost; it was the token
and you did not give a dam how it made me feel

I know you think that you are better than me
and that you know what's best
but you can just do me a favor and flee
like always do when things get tough

like a storm in the night I am the remaining debris
I am the cost of your reckless and painful destruction
I am the broken and unfix able tree
because as always my sadness is the cost of your abuse

I stand before you completely frozen
I wish for once you could see
that though you never made a choice; you have chosen
your twisted desires over my happiness

I wish you could see my frozen tears
like ice plastered to my cheeks
but how can you, when you are everywhere but near
to me, you are never there, don't you see that?