Her nails are chipped, unkempt, and partially black.
It goes with her mind, that smiles an act.
The music's so loud, she can't hear the world.
Just like no one has heard this broken girl.
Her eyes are sunk, her skin feels too tight
She wonders if this will be her last night.
With fading lines and new ones to appear.
It would seem as though she's beyond repair.
She sits in the dark, screen light as her sun.
Her mind turned off, words a mere hum.
The clock say two, sleep is misplaced.
Circles will be dark, clear on her face.
Just another night, spent in her room.
Just another time span, spend in her gloom.
♠ ♠ ♠
I know it's really simple, that's just how I like to write my poetry. Tell me whatcha think, please :)