Raising Children

As our children get older, we are told to give them leeway,
allow them to make their own decisions and mistakes.

However, the experts don’t tell you that allowing your child an alcoholic drink every so often,
results in them having nights where they drink themselves into oblivion by the age of seventeen.

We are told, “No, don’t punish your child; let them learn from their mistakes. Give them some leeway.”

The experts don’t tell you that allowing your child to dabble in “sparking up”,
gives them the curiosity to try hard drugs when that high is no longer enough.

Your child is now known as the heroin addicted whore that is willing to sleep with anyone to keep her supply flowing.

You decided to forget the experts and how they say to raise children but, it’s too late.

Your child is no longer recognizable. The drugs and alcohol have wreaked havoc with her mind and body.

You can no longer find your baby and the hope that once sparkled in their eyes.

Their eyes reveal death, darkness, and sadness. It’s your entire fault.

You shouldn’t have listened to “experts” who say to continue to give leeway when your child was headed down the wrong path.

You should have listened to your gut and allowed them just enough freedom, not as much as you did.

Your child is ruined and it’s all your fault.
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Prompt: Leeway
Day 8 of the Mibba April Poem Prompt Challenge found here:http://www.mibba.com/Forums/Topic/185135/Aprils-Poem-Prompt-Challenge/