Please Don't Ask Me to Love You

I been down this road before
I know what is hidden behind every door
I remember the shouts
pain occurred in every room I have no doubts

I know why people start to push the person they love away
even though they truly wanted him or her to stay
the memories from my painful past spilled over
until it drowned me in my sleep over and over

I feel like I am walking on thin glass
I keep praying that I will finally be free at last
not afraid to open my heart
and trust that you won't tear it apart

Now every time you try to come near me
I find myself turning to leave
even though I want to be close to you
it is not something that I know how to do

Please don't ask me to love you
because it is something I just can't do
I been hurt too much
had hateful words thrown at me and such

The storm is too frightening
with it's thunder and lightning
you should go before it's too late
don't even hesitate; don't even wait

Because this is the cost you pay
for trying to love me for even one day
So Please don't ask me to love you
because it is something that I can never ever do
♠ ♠ ♠
For Mibba Magazine contest
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