Nascence Assigned.

Nascence, divided, together decided...
Assigned to profiles both faultless, lop-sided.
Stories of every theme and complexion,
Conceived in lines with no utter direction.

Emerging onto our endless drafts,
No intricate design, no absolute path.
Colliding into strange fiction and faces,
Etched onto thoughts that distraction erases.

And stuttering rhymes to imperfect verse...
Start fresh in the mind as our emotional curse.
Stirring upon the conflicting pages,
In depressing confinements of un-viewed cages.

Greatness, weakness, matchless uniqueness.
Nascence derived from all words of we speechless.
Ending upon the writer's foundation...
Designed to be source of all penning creation.
♠ ♠ ♠
For Mibba's Acrostic Poem Contest. | Written May 3rd, 2014. 16:17 EST