The Miserable Life of Dylan Gray

My mom will forever stay dead,
my heart for her once again bled.
My sister hates me with a burning passion,
I'll never feel her compassion.
On a daily basis my dad beats me,
he won't just let me be.
His heart won't open even with a key,
he'll never switch alcohol with tea.
We have no money, just a place to stay,
there are no gods left for me to pray.
I will never have what you call a perfect life,
maybe I will if I cut my throat with a knife.
And when I think there is something I can do,
someone will pierce my heart through.
Even when I try to love someone new,
someone always tries my soul to screw.
Even when I drink and try to forget,
I always remember what my pitiful soul met.
Even when I swallow colorful pills,
only for mere minutes I meet with bliss.
Now that I'm done I will hang myself,
I hope when I'm dead, you'll meet with regret.
♠ ♠ ♠
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