Glass Figurine

A priceless sculpture
Crafted with pure elegance
Captures every eye
Ecstasy brought from it's presence

No beauty in disguise
More majestic than you could envision
Every graceful fraction
Is to perfect precision

Seizes your heart
With just a solitary glance
Pulled into
An impenetrable trance

A sculpture that sparkles
Every morning, noon, and night
With an alluring aura
An eternally lustrous light

Irreplaceable model
To extraordinary to be nigh
Kept in seclusion
Away from all crystal eyes

This figurine was exiled
Sealed inside your bulletproof vault
A treasure outlawed from the world
But I'm climbing down this pedestal without halt

Done being your precious artifact
Breaking through your chamber door
Not just a possession to display
Not a shinning icon to speak for

I won't be won over
No control over this Queen
This is the last time you'll see me
As your glass figurine.