As We Get Older

When we get older, we gain more responsibility.

The things that we used to depend on others to do for us, we are now meant to do on our own with no guidance.

We realize the moments the seemed like a massive deal as a child; truly have no bearing to our lives whatsoever.

As we continue to grow, we lose that feeling of weightlessness we have as children.

We lose the ability to feel lighter because of the drama that enters our everyday lives. It weighs us down.

We begin to forget what made us happy; we even forget how to be happy.

We need to learn that no matter how crazy life gets, we need to step back and allow ourselves to be weightless.

We need to remember the simplistic joys of our formative years. The things that made us so full of emotion that it spilled over in our laughter.

We need to remind ourselves that no matter how old we get, we always have to keep a bit of our childhood with us.
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Theme: Maturity Word: Lighter
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