A Hopeless Romantic, with Love....

She never spoke to me like that. She would never look at me in the way she looks at you. Never once did I see that sparkle in her eye when something I said made her light up inside.
It's you and her now. You and her holding hands underneath the table. You and her sat in a content and adoring silence in the park. I'm just an onlooker; another face in the crowd.

It's fine. I'm fine. I can deal with it. I don't want to be the reason why you are longing for each other at arms reach, but unable to make love. Although it will hurt be inside, and I may never be able to see you as the friend I did, I am not a selfish person. A jealous person maybe, but never selfish. I do not take pleasure out of dulling other people's happiness like a stone to a knife.

I guess that the reason why it will affect me so much is because it could have been me. I was once there, in her arms. It was me that she smiled at with a smile that could brighten the darkest of shadows. But I wasn't good enough. I bored her. Perhaps if I'd tried to read her before the end of us dawned, we would not be in this position. Unfortunately, you cannot help loving who you love. It is was it is, and with that comes a whole new understanding of responsibility and respect.

Preventing you from reaching happiness would make me more unhappy than just being unhappy alone. I can deal with my emotions over time, but I cannot change yours.
Overall, the desire in every life is to find happiness, and this is yours. Perhaps one day I will find my own, but right now that time has not arrived.

You deserve this. Have the best of times and remember that love is earned, not given. Cherish her, I'm trusting you.

A hopeless romantic, with love.