Nightly Endeavors

We lay on the branches
of trees made of straw
that at any given moment
could break and fall.

But you point up and tell me,
"You see that star, its nothing compared
to how beautiful you are"
and in that moment,
I believed you.

As they days grow colder,
we climb our tree
a nightly endeavor,
that kept on giving.

"But underestimate the power
of two"
and as I say without further ado

...we fell

Fell out of our tree
as the straws broke beneath our feet,
it couldn't support us
cause we didn't support it.

And now I bare the scars to remember it
the stories we tell
to never be hurt
are lies spun by remorse and dirt.

As I look towards the sky
I found that star you pointed too
and frankly it reminds me of you,
and I couldn't care any less.