Jeff the Killer

My name is Jeff, excuse the blood,
Would you like to be with your parents
Down in the mud?

I am simply a lover of violence,
Whom was born into poverty,
And bred into silence,

Oh how I adore Lui, and my parents,
Just because they were family,
Didn't mean I could spare them,

Oh, how beautiful their faces are now
They would of praised me,
They would of been so proud!

It started with a bleaching fire,
Which sent me through pain,
Which I must admire,

As my face was burnt,
My dear old sanity,
Took a turn,

I took a knife to my lips,
Sliced from side to side,
Careful not to miss,

For my smile is contagious,
Of course, everybody says,
That it is outrageous,

You lie in bed, sleeping with no worry,
As I stand by your bed,
Not leaving in a hurry,

Eyes soon open, with death shall you meet,
So I say three words
♠ ♠ ♠
So I did this in school.. I gave my English teacher goosebumps apparently, and my friend -might- of let out a tear. I don't know if it was because it was beautiful, or if it was the hayfever.