Harmonious Noise

Harmony is the
Truth. Harmony is our
Fault. We cherish
Moments, but not the
Memories we have so expertly
Created. We share our
Eyes from the supposed
Brightness. We unleash out spirits. We never
Dared to fib about who they were. Our apathy is
Acceptance. We loathe patience, but
Embrace perseverance. We deny our bodies
Hope, but leave them with
Tears. Don’t step too far ahead because
Someone will
Block you. Emotionally. Physically. Mentally. We
Despise easiness, but we rejoice for the
Challenges. Switch to a two-step
Routine, don’t change it. We all have a story to
Share. Yet here we stand with
Nothing to say. We fear
Connectivity, but enjoy our complete
Isolation. We refuse to shout our
Wants, but acknowledge and
Respect the control we’re
Obligated to be under. Harmony is the
Truth. Harmony is our fault.
♠ ♠ ♠
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