Oceans Past

Let’s bring the waves
Of the ocean blue to
My home.
As the sand lingers here
Deep within my bones

The tides settle the rupture
Deep within my mind
As these gentle breezes
Seem to caress time

They remind me of
When this place was covered.
In an icy layer,
Yet to be discovered.




The water looks
So bright from down here,
Maybe I could just…

Create my own arcadia
Underneath the waves of time,
As though the land
Has abandoned me,

…The Sand...

Rocks to secure me there
Have still not formed,
So I’ll drift from what kept
My firm hand forlorn.

I sink deeper and deeper
In the shallow waters
Of my mind,
Where holes form of
Grit and Grime.

…At The Bottom…

…Where I Silently Stay…


Why do I contemplate the

To hide nothing but my wasteland
For their prying eyes

Even though they’ve thoroughly
Have murdered my mind

“Good Job”

“You’ll go nowhere”

“You freaky snail”

“We lost because of you”

“Why are you even here?”

Why to anyone would
I be something

I look up at the
And look down at my

Their purple

…And I Have No Will To Swim…

My hands feel numb
and turn into glass.
Glassy eyes search for life
around millions of other stars
that seem to shine so bright.

As my heart turned to stone

I’ll stink deeper,
Deeper into my own abyss

And just when the brightness
Envelops me in its light

Break down
Into tiny shards
Of the very person
I was wishing to hide
So what good am I now?

Silently…I crawl with the others…compelled
To show them what strength can truly be


Splitting the ice
That formed over my ambition
A force to be reckoned with
Was at my disposition

And the forces the bound me.
Can’t touch me at all,
So I’ll stand with confidence
And help all who crawl.

Created in my wasteland…the ocean
And face the perils I made
Strongly I stand
To not concave

I the sand
The very creation
Of the Ocean

Will protect myself
With my own binding rocks
To bind me here

The shore

The shore I will inhabit