Outcast Incast

Your eyes linger over me like I might be a hallucination

But you do not know this is what I want

When I go out in strange clothes and decorative headwear

I love my clothes and I am also sending a message

I am not bound to please your lingering eyes

I am not bound to make your blood rush like fire

I am not bound to your strange mating customs and expectations

My body is my vessel

Holding a heart, a brain, a liver, a bladder

Muscle, lifeblood, bone

I am a miracle

I am an anomaly

And if you presume to see only my strong vessel

It is you who has let yourself go
♠ ♠ ♠
Girls are taught they're nothing but pretty faces and restrained salads to keep their bodies desirable for a male gaze. Eff that, I got better things to do.