Power of 8, Poem of 8

The clouds arrive and hide the sun
The day of darkness has begun
Someone tells me it won’t be fun
Should I battle or turn and run?
Although the sun is hid from sight
I choose to stick around and fight
The burning candle shining bright
The dagger thrusts with greatest might
I feel a weakness in my chest
I feel the need to sit and rest
But I know I must give my best
And end my precious noble quest
Time moves slowly, my heart beats fast
Tales of history are rushing past
My fate is sealed, the die is cast
How much longer will this hurt last?
Carve my name in the pouring rain
Lodge an arrow deep in my brain
Spill my blood and cause me great pain
Give me anguish, make me insane
On a tombstone I see my name
My life is played just like a game
I hang my head in deepest shame
Knowing that I’m the one to blame
My veins are filled with jealousy
Fighting hard this conspiracy
Trying to grasp this fantasy
While breathing in the deep blue sea
Then suddenly I see my prize
A gorgeous girl with hazel eyes
My love and feeling maximise
As we walk to the new sunrise