I Will Wait

I know its a rough situation,
We're Twisted,
We're Broken,
We're trying to have something together,
We're working
We're fighting
For everything we see and everything we do,
But just so you know,
Till you're ready.

I will wait,
Wait till it's time,
Wait till we're good
Wait till life's fine.

I will wait,
Till it's not broken
Till it's not falling,
Till it alright.

I know you think you can't choose,
But it's somewhere,
Inside you.

You know what is best,
You know what you need,
But just so you know,
Till you're ready

I will wait,
Till the stars are aligned,
Till there is a bright sky,
Till the breeze blows us in a direction.

I will wait,
Till you can decide,
What your hearts trying to tell you,
Show you,
Till you open up your eyes.

Just know that I'll wait.