That Girl

I can't forget her
She's in my dreams
She's all I see
All I smell is her scent, oh sweet
My passionate love for someone I grew to hate
And we met one day
As if it were fate
My only desire is to have her by my side
And one day say she's mine
But she left that day
On my lips her name
I fell to disgrace
Life was a game
From that day on, I was nothing
I was in search for something
But in my search was her
Death I preferred,
If she wasn't at my side
My love I could not deny,
But this secret I will hide

Forever, I shall love you my sweet love. In my heart you shall always live. My lust for you shall be carved in my soul, and some day I'll be worth your time. Just wait...

Please love, your all I need
♠ ♠ ♠
I fell in love and almost a year later I reveal this.
I need her more than ever but she's gone.
I hope one day she can forgive me and I can be at her side once again.