Dead End Generation

We’re a dead end generation
working dead end jobs
with no hope beyond
soul-crushing, hope-draining
blue collar jobs that
have long since lost their appeal
now we've realised life
isn't a glossy magazine,
and that doing what you love
is little more than a fabrication
designed to give some
semblance of hope to the young
and to be a comforting lie
to the old but little more than
idiocy to the cynical ones
that realise very few are honest
when they say they love their
job, their career, day in, day out.

So we're a dead end generation
with no hope for a future,
not just because of our own
failings, which are many and varied
like clouds in the sky and fish in
the sea, but because of the
continual failings of the generations
preceding us to do anything
to amend their own failings,
and chances are we'll leave
nothing but destruction for
the people who come after us
because we're a generation
dedicated not just to self destruction
but also to the destruction
of everything around us because
that's all we've ever known to do--
the world is ours, so why not
destroy it while we can?

We're a dead end generation
that's become better educated
than any generation preceding us
but with our two extra I.Q. points
we're doing nothing but engage
in the senseless narcissism that
that every generation since Socrates
has accused the succeeding one of
without fail, and we worship
celebrities undeserving of even
a trickle of respect, because
this is what every generation
before us has done and because
this is what's been sold to us.

We're a dead end generation
that has no identity beyond
that which we've been sold,
and this has found expression
in the false sense of individuality
in the masses who think they're
different and modern because
their shirt has the cover of
Dos on it instead of the cover
of American Idiot or
21st Century Breakdown,
and think they're cool when
they buy into the endless remakes
and sequels in franchises that
should have died before they
ever started, because this
is what it means to be a part
of our meaningless generation.

And we're a dead end generation
that's become completely disenfranchised
except for the eternal right
to point out we're disenfranchised
because governments, corporations and
of course our own damned selves
have made a decided effort to
stamp out even the slightest hint
of political dissent against those
who would have us in chains
and to discourage even the inkling
of an idea that anything is wrong
other than that which they tell us is wrong.