It always comes in waves
Myself, I cannot save
All the ghosts, masks and lies
It's from these things I cannot hide
"They didn't exist," they all declare
"There were red flags everywhere."
It's true that love can make one blind
Because most anyone can see the signs
But when ignorance is bliss
You don't pick up on things you couldn't miss
They call it catfishing nowadays
These personas people play
Perhaps it's just to ease the blow
Because you now love someone you don't know
Although it's true they were never real
It doesn't ease the pain one feels
This person that they let inside
Might as well have fucking died
Sometimes their intent is true
Sometimes they're amused by you
Sometimes it goes on for years
And sometimes they confirm your fears
But honestly,
They've broken me
And so many others
We wonder if they like to see us suffer
So, don't tell us that it's no big deal
Don't tell us they were never real
And don't tell us that we should have known
These are things I won't condone
Because although the phrase "right under your nose" is true
Everyone can see under your nose but you