The Demons That Own Me

Pale skin and sharpened teeth,
Hide the true beauty underneath.
Scared to let the darkness come in,
Because they treat you like a sin.

Desolate sadness lights up your eyes,
You really want to die tonight.

Nobody listens,
Nobody cares.
You try to speak,
But you don't dare.

Words entangled around your tongue,
Nobody hears the strangled sound.
They keep you up and awake at night,
Choking upon your every delight.

They’re with you every single day,
Wanting your soul,
Owning your brain,
Taking over your daily life.

You want them gone,
You want them out.
But they can’t leave now,
There’s no backing down.

You try and run,
Reach for the gun.
Do demons have speed?
Maybe you’re just weak…
♠ ♠ ♠
Hope you enjoyed....