All it would take,
All I would need,
Is a smile,
Then all would be freed.

All these doubts,
All those eyes,
Hit the ground?
It shows who tries.

I miss you,
Words can’t… explain,
But I’ll see it through,
Right ‘till the end.

This life you gave to my father,
This life he and mother gave to me,
I won’t take it for granted… not now,
I’ll make you proud, you see.

Lately, I’ve been feeling alone,
In a room full of people,
But look, they don’t understand,
They can’t see my thoughts.

Hey, how you doing up there?
Say hey to Granddad; hope he’s reet too,
I’ll be a good one, you’ll see,
I’ll do it for them; I’ll do it for you.

I’ll do it for me,
I’ll get an A star,
You watch, you see,
I’ll be like you are.

I’ll be like you were,
Not the same,
But like, so there.

I’ll pass English, you’ll see,
And all of this work will be worth it,
In Maths I won’t get a B,
I’ll get an A, if I keep trying.

When I’m a doctor or a teacher,
You’ll still be in the back of my mind,
When I lift my head higher,
I won’t leave my family behind.

If you someday come back,
And say “hey” whilst I see my next patient,
Or whilst I teach my next students,
I won’t ignore you, I’ll never let you go, and you never went.

If you had gone, then why do I say “hey” to you now?
If you are passed, then why do I hear you out?
If you had left, then wouldn’t I throw things about?
You know me; you know how foolish I can be.

Though, you never left,
You never died,
Because you live here,
In this heart, in this mind.
♠ ♠ ♠
You were the first I lost; you are why I'll win. I'm not giving up on life; I'm not letting death beat me.