It takes but words to change a life
Like a gilded dagger or scathing knife
A simple thing, yet none more true
A weapon word can run you through

Whether venom speech spat in rage
Or dripping hate spilled to a page
There is no armor it cannot breach
Nor blithe emotion it cannot leech

Still, enlightened prose can demand such awe
It can weave golden hope without a flaw
Such discourse can express wild love unbound
Ravenous heat, insatiable lust, with just a sound.

A spiel can unite nations of the just and free
Or keep prisoners and secrets like a key
It makes promises, declares, honors, and lies.
Yet it does not make decisions and is not always wise

Many seek to use it's power for valor or spite
But few have the gift and fewer the right
It takes a talent to be blessed with a silver-tongue
And clever quick wit that's only in young.

Wisdom is rare like a shimmering gem
Advice on our talk none should condemn
And the phrase about nothing nice to say
If applies to you, maybe silence is the way.