Poetry 4

I thought you were for me when our paths crossed unexpectedly,
When it felt like I knew you for ages but it was just a mere encounter,
I thought you were for me when I told you all my secrets not even my best friend knew about,
When you told me that everything was going to be okay even when it felt like it wouldn't (but you made me feel like it would be),
I thought you were for me when A Thousand Years played in the background when we were at that bookstore,
When you somehow reminded me of my father with a lot of qualities you had minus the vices,
But there came a time when I started to feel that you weren't for me anymore-
To that time texting served as a routine,
To that time you stopped asking for dates out even if you were free,
To that time when I had to put extra effort just to be with you,
To that time when I felt like you didn't love me anymore-
My father told me that girls were made to be run after, not the other way around-
Until all those theories came true-
You left a big void in my being,
A void that I have to patch up myself,
I may never trust your gender again but I try...

Fate brought us together but it was also fate-
That made us fall apart.