The Wicked and the Wretched

You call me girl
And I call you boy.
You are you
and me, I am me.

Yet we are the same.
We are cruel,
to others, yet to ourselves.
We are bad, which is fine.
I never liked the good.
For it was boring, useless,dull.

You call me bitch.
I call you whore.
You with your black inked skin.
devilish tattoos, and piercings.

You smile at me and I cannot help but smile back.
We are not happy, for we do not know the meaning.
But we take the little joy we get with each simple fuck, smoke, fight.
For that is what life is for you and me.

We have learned, that the weak are the most brave when faced,
And the strong, are the most devious.
We are the strong, for to be brave is useless.
Why be given, when it is so much more fun to take.

We were once scared of the monsters when we were children,
we once fought for the good.
But then we gave up when we saw the evil was to much
and now we smile, laugh , drink with the monsters, because,
we realized that there was no good, only the illusion of sanity.

But now we know better, for to be insane is to be sane.
We are bad.

you call me girl
I call you boy
you call me bitch
I call you whore

You are wretched
and me
I am Wicked.

We are both of the evil.
We are both Insane.


For this contest.