She is a princess.
You must treat her like one.
Call her ‘love’, ‘beautiful’, ‘darling’
Because she is, and she needs to be reminded.
Prepare yourself to remind her of a lot of things; reassurance is her life force.
And that’s okay. But if you can’t do that, then leave.
When she is sad, she loves chocolate (especially Lindt).
Flowers. Marshmallows. Coffee. Hugs.
She loves all of them, and she loves surprises.
Some days she will wear cute dresses and scarves, while others she’s in a t-shirt and sweatpants.
Either way, she looks amazing. Tell her that.
Brace yourself to compete with her mind; it’s an amazing thing.
She writes and creates these fantastic stories and characters. You will feel inferior to them all, and
though she may not ever admit it out loud, if you’re special enough, you’ll be her hero. Remember that.
Which reminds me, she’s the most stubborn thing I have ever met. Some days you’ll have to fight her tooth and nail just to get her out of bed. When she doesn't want to do something, she won’t do it. No matter how hard you try. Usually, her reasoning is very smart though. Usually.
When she wakes up, she wants chocolate milk, and her favorite blanket.
You will have to cuddle with her for at least twenty minutes before she’s ready to face the day.
She’s easily overwhelmed in large groups of people. She chooses to remain silent and hide away from everyone. That’s okay. She tries, and she’s so unbelievably strong. But you must learn her silent language to know when she needs you. She won’t always need you right beside her, breathing down her neck. But she needs to know you’re there, and that you see her. Teach yourself to become conscious of this. Look around the room and make sure she is always within your sight.
Hold her hand. Go for walks. It doesn't matter if it’s raining; she loves the rain.
More often than not, her nose will be stuck in a book. She’s educated; it’s a good thing. Don’t feel like she’s ignoring you though. If you want to talk to her, just work your way over, lie in your head in her lap, and just be. It may take her a few moments to find a stopping place, but she’ll eventually come back to reality and see you’re there. She’ll be happy to see you.
Apple juice. Watermelon. Stuffed animals. Tea.
She has nightmares. Her mind is so vivid, her dreams are amplified, and she becomes scared. She fears hands, more than anything. Be there for her through the night.
That goes for the day, too. She can sleep like nothing else. Though she loves mornings, she rarely sees them. She rises around noon, and stays up until the early hours. That's how she likes it; don't change it.
Sometimes you will do things that make her cry. Prepare to hear the most heartbreaking sound you will ever hear for as long as you live. It will break you, and you will want to fix everything. Which is good. Because if she’s crying, you did something really stupid. And it will need fixing.
She will give you ever everything, slowly but surely. You give her everything back. She deserves nothing less.
She loves with a love that is too good for this world. You must cherish that. You must make her happy. You must respect her.
You must love her.
You must love her.
You must love her.