Blue Star Acid

You once told me " Love has no definition"
But, how could something with no origin,
Be under demolition?
It was colossal, like a Dino-fossil,
uncovered by archaeologist's,
Our love was ancient, It was rare.
It was written in a scroll somewhere.
It was catastrophic,
It caused a BOOM, like no other.
It was volcanic,
anyone who saw it would drown and melt in its sulfur.
It was a fire, an eclipse,
blocking and succeeding the sun.
The sun wasn't bright enough to touch this.
It was galactic, enormous like Galactise.
It was welded, bonded, bashed together.
Unbreakable, it was unbreakable.
It was a dream filled with pretty things.
It was butterflies.
Butterflies flied through our fluttering eyes, as we floated on the tides of the stars in our eyes.
We felt the world we knew had died, it drowned in our lie.
We forgot our "oh no's" and abandoned our "oh why's"
and simply let it go.
But why did we let it go?
♠ ♠ ♠
Sometimes, we over think things and it hinders the process, and our progress. We just need to let it go and let it come. The results are incredible.