I Wish I Had the Courage to Actually Send This to You

I'm not sure if I can keep doing this
you keep pulling me back for more, and I can't say no
I always think that maybe this will be the last kiss
what we are now, I'm not even sure.

This hurts more than any words can say,
I've grown very fond of the time we spend together
But you'll always just want to play
You'll never want a forever

This is such a shitty poem, I should just give in
I haven't done one for a while, maybe I'm broken
I normally only write like this when I'm hurting
This doesn't even rhyme anymore, what am I doing?

I'm getting a little off track here, sorry, my fault
I just can't seem to think straight anymore
I don't even know why I'm writing this, sorry for taking away your time
But the feeling I feel inside, is growing

I can't stop it anymore, I used to be able to control it
But every time I see you, I get weaker and weaker
I can't let go of you, but I can't have you either
Your not in the wrong, it's always been my fault.