The Silent Lady Gold

There rests a silent house heart-deep
within an autumn wood,
tucked between the mourning trees
where once a palace stood.

Within it rests one single breath,
a sigh time left behind,
and the shadow of a lady gold
upon the walls confined.

She weaves dreams into tapestries,
collects them with the little birds
who hide behind her noiseless lips
like a thousand cage-caught words,

and she paints them with a fragile care
through shattered stained-glass eyes,
and frees them from their silhouettes
to watch them as they fly.

Her own thoughts waltz between the stars
she'd plucked with her bare hand,
once upon a forgotten time
when her voice cast the land.

Alone, she's wrapped in memories
of her grandest tale untold,
the world which tumbled down around
the silent lady gold.