Wednesday Morning, Early

12:03 am.
We exchange words, a verbal ballet
that keeps you dancing through my thoughts
long after the night is over
12:18 am.
"It's what friends do." you smile over Skype
but we aren't just friends,
soon we'll be lovers
your mouth burning fire on my body
my lips on your skin whispering
"I love you I love you I love you
Oh god I love you"
12:24 am.
I am making a mess of things
I am unable to breathe.
12:37 am.
I'm trying so hard not to overreact
but it's like you are the sun
and I am the moon;
I reflect the light you give me
12:41 am.
I'm in love.
Trying not to make a fuss
over something that may or may not exist to you,
but is all the world to me.