We Weren't Meant to Be Alone...

Why do we try to go through life alone?

Yes, we have our family and people we love so dearly,

But we stay silent in times of need. When darkness lingers near

We don’t scream or cry for help. We smile and pretend like we’re still okay.

We act like nothing is wrong and continue to go along.

Why do we feel like its wrong to say we’re not okay?

Why can’t we just ask for help to make it through the sadness and heartbreak?

Why do we deny the hands that reach out to help us through the waters,

And instead drown in pride and solitude.

Why do we choose to suffer in false strength?

Can’t you see the ones you love crying? Wishing you would

Just accept their hand and know you’re not alone.

Don’t you see them wishing you would let them be there for you?

We weren’t created to live this life alone, and yet despite surrounding

Ourselves with people to care for us we try to handle everyday on our own.