A Mother Who Lost Her Son.

All my life I wondered about death.
It made me sick to my stomach, as it still does to this day.
I can not comprehend the idea of death,
Although I know it is an essential of life,
And we aren't guaranteed anything,
The only promise in life is death.
It scares me to think about death and the
Thought of losing someone precious.
But as a daughter who lost her father.
I feel for you, a mother who lost her son.
No amount of sympathy or words could
Ever express my sorrow for your loss.
My condolences to you and your family
And what ever your beliefs are
Your son is in a better place where he will
Watch over you and the rest of his family.
♠ ♠ ♠
I wrote this a couple of days after I found out about a very dear friend's passing. He was only 16, he had so much to live for. It is dedicated to his mother whom I sympathize with.
11- -98 to 03-21-15.