Vision blurs, my hands are shaking,
My life is yours for the taking.
No need for it my heart is broken,
There were too many words left unspoken.

You can not give up whatever you do,
I have so much love for you.

First we were friends, ended as lovers,
Doing anything for each other.
Time has changed, that love is dead,
Its true chivalry only exist in your head.

If only I have known to look for the signs,
I would have noticed you were no longer mine.

Now as I watch you disappear in the dark,
Your taillights fade, no longer a spark.

The only witness to our love,
Was the light from the stars.
I silently whispered to the light above,
to get back what was ours.

No answer came back,
I was all alone,
For it was compassion I lack,
I had no more home.
♠ ♠ ♠
ive been hurt bad once.. and i wont forget it. but it doesn't hold me back from trying to find what i once had