Away With the Stars

Away with the stars
My heart knows no bounds
It’s those fears that you founded in me

And I won’t go back again
Start again
In your world of grey clouded skies

I dreamt of grass
Fields of hatched flowers
And oceans that devour me

And he will be waiting there
Standing there
Under the flames of the rising sun

I’m walking away
Tears from fresh flowers
It’s your world that’s empowering me

And I won’t be swept aside
Be by your side
Until my heart beats its last note

And you will remember when
We were away with the stars
Time’s brought me back again
To breathe new life

Centaurs dance gracefully
Under the stars
And there you were magically
From the start

And we will remember when
Orion was high
Floating so peacefully
Upon petals and stars.