Burning desire feels like fire.

Hot on the inside cold flesh on the out.

Makes me wanna scream and shout!

Rage one second gone the next.

Tears flowing down my face.

Feels like its melting things away.

Insides are shaky now but the calm.

Is coming. Ready for the end.

Knowing the battle has just begun.

So I'm bringing the knife in to this fight.

You wont let me have my peace of mind.

Just because you where with some one who had a problem like mine.

Does give you the right to say you understand.

No one can they never will.

It makes me a little ill.

But I'm always going to like the feel.

The pain is what I seek, but I try so hard not to go there.

Yet you wont let me calm my nerves with such an easy fix.

You say its a freedom to be able to drive.

Yet want to basically say I'm not one that should.

I'm so conflicted on what to feel.

How to act behave.

And even be real.

I don't know anymore whats wrong or right,

I'm not sure I really care either.

Cause I'm just ready to give up this fight.

I'm sick of everyone thinking, they know whats best for me.

These things make my chest all tight!

My head hurt like hell.

Great I've fell, and the spins start up.

Its like I've sinned and this is my punishment.

To live in damnation with no end.

I love and I hate.

I just wanna feel alive.

Instead its like I'm dead inside.

I cant begin to understand whats happening with me.

Not sure I want to.

All I know is its just beneath my skin.

And its really starting to win!!
♠ ♠ ♠
This poem is not specific to one person thought or action and is seriously just me getting some feelings off my chest.