You are the curve of the earth
As it fades into the heavens
The golden sunlight
Washing over the canopy of the forest
And in your rolling hills, hollows and cliffs
I will find myself

Your eyes
They are the reflection of the sky
On the rippling surface of the river
The gray blue of the stones
Underneath the waterfall
The silver lining in between
Every tuft of cotton clouds
Glowing in the sunset
I will follow the beating of your heart
Like I follow every bend of the Delaware
Until I reach the sea

I hear your laughter
In the breathing of the wind
In chimes and in church bells
In the pounding of the water
As it roars across the mountainside

I love you
Like a tiny bird loves every crevice
Of a tree that grows from a sheer rock face
Like an eagle loves the freedom of the air
Like the moon loves the earth and the earth loves the sun
Like the universe loves the nothingness
The emptiness
The silence
For every once in a long, long while
That nothing becomes something
And that's what makes it beautiful

You are the tree growing
Out of the unforgiving stone
You are the warmth of a sunrise
Slipping over the cold, lonely world
You are the clouds that peer from up high
Deep down into the valleys
You are the waterfall
That pours itself into the river

You are the something
That sometimes comes out of nothing
You are everything and more
I'm sorry, these words don't do you justice
But you are the force behind them
That makes them beautiful

I love you