Sitting in the Dark

Waiting for the sun to come
Banish this fog
And vanish the frost
From my shuddering skin
The ice is melting, the sea overflows
The air blows hot and cold, that's something that a lot of people don't understand
Global warming coincides with ice ages
I confide my hate and my hope to adjacent pages
In the manual of how not to be
If I have to burn, I hope the sun swallows me
But the horizon lies and makes promises that it can't keep
And yeah, I feel something moving in the deep
But my world is standing still and
My armor is cracked, retract the knife from my back
Before it corrodes from my acidic soul
The shadows impose upon the earth and
The night, there is no light to go around
I see the ground and the void compromising
I see the sun still isn't rising
And the fog is tenacious, voraciously seeking
Out alveolar spaces in my lungs
If there's a god why does it only help some?
I'm so fucking tired
Just let the end come