Alt.Schmerz II

concession: fall with me and soar in rings
but not against: those who have tried to break me
from solitary habits have inevitably
been met with failure in these things

digression: walk with me through the blaze
or: those fall colors paint the trees like fire
trembling over themselves against a gray gold pyre
a roiling mass of exaltation and praise

repression: (wake. we have left but all is not right)
paint and repaint the walls until i can't see
i rearrange my shelves again that sleepless night

obsession: do not befriend me (if you do i will fight)
with the express purpose of changing me
i say this because i don't care for the idea that you might—
♠ ♠ ♠
I rearranged it into an Italian-style sonnet.