“Here,” you said, cold - not like you used to
I turned to you, my head fuzzy
I reached for the joint between your fingers
And our fingertips touched,
A warmth I hadn’t felt in months

When we passed around the chips,
I licked my fingers
And I wondered if you thought about my mouth
If you missed it
If you missed me

The same way I miss the way your eyes squint
When you laugh
And your head tips back and your mouth falls open -
Inviting me in

I wonder if your toes are inching closer
To my curled up body on the other side of the couch
If you are feeling an inebriated affection

I will take what I can get, after all

It’s all in my head, I think
I’ve smoked too much, I think

I remember the high so well - the months we spent together
But the smoke has cleared, and you’ve moved on
And I’ve been coming down ever since