I've created a trail of mistakes
I didn't follow through of what I said I would
I had one chance and I blew it
Now I wallow in the consequences of my actions

This isn't what I had planned
This isn't what I wanted
I ruined my dreams, I ruined my hopes
All by one simple mistake

I should've said no, I should've been stronger
I let my emotions get the best of me instead
Now I sit here and wonder of what will be, what will never be

Alone and confused, no one will understand
How can I keep this heart from breaking every day
Every day feels like a day wasted
Please give me a second chance

Let me turn back time and right my wrongs
I just want to feel whole again
I miss my old life, my dreams
How could I do this to myself

I had one shot and I blew it
I let my dreams disintegrate
Please give me back my life
The time before I let it desecrate
♠ ♠ ♠
I wrote this to vent and let off steam.