Returning from the grave
I feel the ice cold in my veins
Muddy footsteps wander through the rain
This is the shit that makes me feel insane.

I wonder if I'll ever be the same

The void is so cold
This life is the same
I don't think that I
Could even feel the pain
If this is how it is..
I will not complain
How can I see the bad
If I'm already insane.

Dead inside, I wander with a knife
Traversing the woods in the dead of night
Forever lost in the fog of the mind
This is the life I live, I cannot rewind

Sadness surrounds me just outside of my reach
Nothing inside me except the void that I preach
The coldness and the damp
Through my pores it seems to seep
To my very core it reaches me
Forever changing me
Turning me from sanity
It cannot be..

Returning to the grave
I put on a brave face
For the ones that care about me
They'll never know what takes place
Inside of my heart
Its not much you see
It's an emptying space
And it's not shit to me
I'll never look back again
This void can have my soul
I don't need it in hell
I'm sure that's where I'll go.

Etched into my tombstone are the words
I have been washed in death