My Dreams

I met you in my dreams.
You saw through my soul
Knew everything
just from looking at me

Saw all of the dark and the rage
and the animosity
It was forever
An infinity
Locked inside of me

You took advantage of my heart
Any hope I had was forever lost
You made sure that I wandered the dark
For as long as I held on.

You showed me my reflection
A mirror image of my soul
It was an ugly creature
And never to be whole
It gnashed it's teeth
Darted it's eyes
Peered into my soul
Showed me all that I loved
And burned it to the ground

I wrapped my arms around it's neck
Embraced the creature that smelled of death
It washed over me and we became one.
An entity that lurks the shadows of the sun
An emptying heart, the decay had begun
My vision turned grey
And the joys of life had gone.
I sauntered forward through fog
Reaching out to my grave
What I wanted most of all.

I could hear it's voice in my ear
Reminding me of my every fear
Clawing in my brain that I am insane
And that no one will ever come near
That I chose this fate and
And the ending is here.

I chose this hate
I chose to erase
All that I despise
And all the disgrace

I saw the human race
A disgusting disease
A futile attempt
Of living in peace.
This hate had changed
The way that I see

All I saw was death
Darkness for an eternity

Closer now
To the grave
Inching toward the ending that I need
That hate that I craved
Will be the ending of me

I met you in my dreams
You showed me what you saw in me
A horrifying creature with a heart of greed
Lusting for the ending of humanity.
I embraced the being of animosity
Become one with the monstrosity
I reached the end of my mortality
The grave at my feet, it said to me
And now you are free