Afraid to Love

My walls are crashing down,
But I tell myself not to run.
You stand before me and smile
I become undone.
I can't hide as I'm exposed,
Yet there you stand.
I see my heart safely in your hands.
I'm yours.
Looking at my hands,
I see your heart in return.
Seeing the bumps, bruises, and scars
I hold it tenderly with love and care.
Now I see how similar we are,
I hold it close close so you know you're safe.
Before my eyes I see you do the same.
Is this right?
isn't it to soon?
Is it to late to run?
Do I want to anymore?
I know i'm safe.
Still the fear remains.
There you stay unchanging,
With love only growing.
I look around,
My walls are nearly gone.
There's no more need to run.