Trying to Rain pt II

Long time no see, Grandpa; I’ve come to chat
Though it has been a while since I’ve done even that
Grandma’s here too in some form, in relief which we yearn
To the dead I’m no wiser, but I have a few lessons learned

To say I still know nothing would make you right, yes
Belief’s bound by faith, at end times just a guess
I’ve climbed very few mountains, but I’ve seen from great heights
I know for there to be darkness, there must be some light
My same life’s inching forward, but the weather has changed
I want you both to breathe deeply, it’s been trying to rain
I have a story of sunburn; wish I knew it's the way
It's always been, cause I’m anxious, will we all be okay?

I’ve learned that people can’t see past their own lives
And some do call this living; now it’s plight to survive
We’re not far from the ocean, yet the reservoir’s running low
While I'm content with boredom, walled in like Jericho
My story about sunburn; I went home, saw old friends
We had our reminiscence, too soon that time ends
I went into his house, my skin singed in the AC
Twenty three, only burned twice, today was too strong for me
Now I’m reddened from two hours of the sun's intensity
Then he laughed, lifted his shirt to show me his body
Said he fell asleep while outside, woke up in flames
But the worst were the blisters, felt he’d been maimed
And couldn't move, just sit and will it away
It’s never been that bad all his life, but it rained yesterday

Then we talked about weather, technically living in drought
So the news has told me, something I could do without
And from that conversation, I’ve fostered an idea
This was abnormal, drained, choking dyspnea
From simply being exposed to just moments of sunlight
That lesson I’ve learned concerns our weak human sight
This year one of strangeness, the layman seems blind
To the problems we face; to those who lack peace of mind
Such as myself and some others, it’s painfully obvious
And we've yet to change, ignorance, the true bliss
For I’ve thought a lot on god, cursed him on hands and knees
To potential deaf ears, could be no one but me
And sometimes I applaud, if he’s just watching, twisted, bored
Maybe I have it backwards, and suffering’s the reward
But from my experience, hate and pain, sorrow, strife
Also age much too quickly; cruelty, greed becomes trite
If our souls are the same, this much I do know
Those with bitter hearts are the ones most alone
So if at first there was nothing but the empty and him
That would be pure peace, why even let pain begin?

So if god is there he may yet have a heart somewhat like mine
He must, the world loves to rain, plants live off of sunshine
It’d be a waste to make things grow; it takes effort, what’s the point
If you’re to be alone regardless, is oblivion a viewpoint?
No, I think there must be a purpose for me to feel like this
The fluke of life itself's a miracle, how can my heart not exist?
It can’t be for nothing, we plant seeds cause we love
To watch things grow and enjoy fruit, the same must hold true above
Our physical perspective, a perception so finite
In the one song, the universe, our one note’s a delight
Because there is beauty, I’ve loved, made true friends
To believe it turns to ashes, that there is nothing depends
On the idea you aren’t here at all, yet thought itself is disproof
Even though I’ve lived a little more, to you I’m still aloof
And of course I have my problems, my mistakes and regrets
But if there was no greater purpose, I wouldn’t care for sunsets

Back to my story of sunburn, this chilling concept
Brought me to tears, sky tries to rain, won’t be let
By the vicious spiral that we’ve nudged down this path
It becomes the tale of mother earth and simple math
By which I mean logic, there was mother earth whom god loved
And it was requited, delighted, life sprang forth thereof
And the earth loved her creatures, while most loved her back
While the rest pretended, the most sophomoric act
Even the more foolish, pain went along with their plan
More problems to be solved and the swollen demand
To be distracted in comfort, submerged deeper in blood
But be afraid of earth’s landslides, her petulant mud
Yes, storms are coming, but we have been warned
And if we can understand it, it can’t do any harm
Insane are the ones who think they control
Her weather and our minds, or the eternal soul
They say to fear flooding and fires, tsunami
Climate change and extremists, then want you to be
Subservient to a class above its own hypocrite laws
While the media has our focus in its malodorous maw
And we toil in clockwork and they hoard this world’s wealth
In this twisted game, for now I at least have my health
The old sun used to be comfort, but now it is haunting
The lack of storms that are coming is now just as daunting
Mother earth, she still loves us, thinks we can be saved
While we poison and take till she’s conclusively drained

Luckily for her, she can heal, for us it shall be too late
And now all of her creatures would share the same fate
The thought prods tears through their ducts, finally out of my eyes
As it rains putrid water out of hideous skies
And they’ll burrow deeper into abysmal caves
Ignoring destruction, tornadoes, the giant waves
That wash it all away; flush us all down the drain
At least it would happen quickly, be a little less pain
Skeletons sunk to bottom to be condensed by sea pressure
The storms would be mercy, not that radiant thresher
That will give us all cancer, that impatient sun
Leaks through our cells to mutate, and you know that no one
Can win here, exposed too long you’ll be doomed
In sickness and misery, burned in that gleaming gloom
The only solution now would be run and hide
Forget the sky and the surface, about ozone they lied
While for us, fear and greed, you know won’t leave space
Call themselves lucky, lock the hatch in our face
Cause they’ll never change, so you know they’ll run out
To face tectonics or each other, till the last death's about
And once the weather is gone, after the brightness and heat
Strips all air away, earth once again waits to meet
And feel that god caressing her tear stained cheek

What if earth loved us so much and that made it her bane?
And let us destroy her while she was just trying to rain