Ballad of Enough

I’ve never been good enough the way I am for you.

Don't try to deny what you know to be true.

I'm sad, and hurt. Melancholy and blue.

All because I'm not good enough the way I am for you.

You accuse and point fingers, all because of what's in your mind.

You haven't the faintest idea of how hard I try.

When I'm with you I feel free, yet my hands are tied.

You said you'd never hurt me, but I've seen that you lied.

I've given you my all, and you take it with a grin.

I'm losing it all while you're the one who wins.

I’ve deleted, erased, and cut out my sins.

And now all I have in my heart are more thumbtacks and pins.

Being pleased is all that matters to you anymore.

You take and take, and when told no, call me a whore.

So I do for you, like a common fucking chore.

But it's never enough. You always want more.

I'm tired and worn down from trying every damn day.

It's getting harder and harder to say I'm okay.

I’ve had to learn, once again, how to tell others and say,

“I'm fine. Just tired. I'm really okay.”

But I'm not alright, as I've had to change.

To make you happy, my life was rearranged.

I'm slowly losing it, going almost insane!

And it's all because the way you treat me; cruel and inhumane.

I'm tired of not being enough for anyone, especially you.

When you assume and say I lie when my words are true.

So, this is my ballad, a goodbye to you.

It's time to move on for both me and you too.