Oh dear daddy
It's that time again

Every time it draws near
I learn something new about you

For instance I always assumed
The pills were what took you

But it wasn't the oxy
You popped into your mouth
Like the ultimate nurishment
You just couldn't stay away

You knew
You were to far gone
That October night
You're heart was running a triathlon
And it had been for days

You just wanted it to stop
I'd like to say you saw the light
But it wasn't the first time

So you took a handful
Of sleeping pills
And that move took your life

Your heart had no clue
What to do
And as it puttered to a stop
I think ours did too

You just wanted to touch the sky
Then when you realized
You had flown to high
You just wanted to close your eyes
So you tried to force your
Feet to the ground
Only the altitude was already to great