Bully [Blunt Force Trauma 3]

Thousand faces
None of them significant
Uttered graces
A lying piece of shit

They turn their back on those
who bring them harm
Only to hide the tears
Wiping off onto their arm

Them and their friends, they laugh at you
Sputtered names, playing games
What a fucking cliche

You people, don't understand the damage!
I've fallen much too far!
Take them by the hand, before the devil can...
Burning at the fucking scars

I have seen far too much
And it's only getting uglier
They are only getting smug
Until I beat their fucking face in

If you think, bullying's okay
I'm gonna fucking rape your brain
Spineless fucking little bitch..
Insecurities handled at the hip

We live in a world
Where kids tell each other to kill themselves.
They make up fucking names
And they think it's just a fucking game!

Don't be a
Open your mind,
and not your fucking mouth

Look at that faggot I bet he fucking cuts himself
I'll bet he fucking cries himself to sleep at night
Look at the girl I bet she's just a fucking slut,
wearing what she does, just begging for a ride

He's a satanist
She's a feminist
His family is poor as fuck
Her family are also sluts
Go home, and cry to your fucking mom
No one ever loved you little punk

If you think it's cool
Then you might as well put your teeth to the curb
put your money where your mouth is,
And I'll stomp your fucking face in.