This is for your body
From the crown of your head
And back down to the treads of those shoes
That covered those adorable digits
It’s for the way you'd fidget when I said
That they’re cute, never understood why you refute
When I tried to compliment something as natural
And as marvelous as your body

But this is not about that
It’s about facts and reflexes
Not mental complexes and low self esteems
It’s about the way I would dream, when those toes
Were curling and those long legs unfurling to let me inside
I tried and I tried to get that mind open
Sex isn’t a sin, it’s just natural, another reflex
Reality check: it doesn’t matter who came before
Because I still adored your hipbones and waist
Oh, and that face, but I’ll get back to that later
I thanked whatever creator that you even came into my life
That I even knew you, because dreams do come true
Sometimes, I'd trace lines over your stomach and chest
I could spend days on your breast because time is irrelevant
But for the hell of it, I’ll keep moving along

Was it wrong that I loved the width of frail shoulders?
It was so easy to hold her against my chest and my arms
But I couldn’t keep her from harm
Though I tried and I tried, it turns out that I lied
I just hope that she knows this is about more than just sex
More than the love that we made, it’s about the blue shades
Of her veins and how she hated the rain cause it made her hair frizzy
The way it smelled made me dizzy, not to mention the mind
Underneath that made me feel complete when it talked to me for hours
It loved meteor showers maybe even more than my own

And I could spend years on her eyes
If each tear that she cried over me was a poison, I would drink them all down
Because that was the real sin, I can’t even begin to explain
My self-induced pain, because those eyes, they used to love me
Used to see something I couldn’t when I swore that I wouldn’t
Let them be alone, that her heart was my home, the blood that roamed
Through her body and the sound that it made was my most beloved
Composition, I would listen when she changed positions, and no
Not in bed, but whenever she scratched her head or stretched out those muscles
Or when they shivered and rustled in the cold
The same cold that I told her I would never let in

But this is not about my sins, It’s about her body

I want to revisit those eyes, the light gleaming inside
Of them, it should never have mattered how many men
They shined for before, because I was there and I swore
That I always would be
It’s about the way I would see her happiness glitter
The way my heart flittered when she bit her lip and smiled
And when her nose crinkled and the skin between wrinkled, yes
I could spend years on her eyes and that brain
Before all of this pain and the fidgets became
Nervous tremors, but my heart still remembers
Before all the fury and that light turned to anger
That she couldn’t cure me and could no longer endure me
Before the heartwarming coals of affection were smothered, yes
We were once lovers, but it was my fault we never once knew each other

We only knew our bodies

And I hope she still knows that sex isn’t a sin
And that she’ll let someone else in
Because that mind deserves more, I hope that heart isn’t sore
If she ever remembers who she thought that I was
Hope it still catches a buzz and it’s about more than just sex
I hope whoever comes next spends decades on those eyes, those beautiful eyes
Placed over that precious nose, I pray that she never cries and that he protects her hair from every
Drop in the sky
And I hope their blood sings and that their hearts ring
For each other
Man, I just hope that he loves her
Loves that precious mind, I hope her eyes see
What they did once before and her whole body believes
In something more than what she eventually found
Within me