F*cking Gibberish

I always wished that I could just start a poem
I’ll spend hours and hours trying to piece together that first line perfectly
As if it were more important than any of the other ones
Trying to sum up this picture that I’m not even painting because
I’m no fucking artist, and I don’t care that I’m cursing
I’m not an actor rehearsing or really even talented at all
Always wished that I was, but I’m just an earthling
I can’t draw, I can’t sing, I can’t really do much of anything
Every time that I try it just doesn’t feel right and I get so frustrated cause all I have is these words
Words words words words words words words
And what the fuck is a word but some letters and a letter’s a shape
I suppose it relates to what that those artists paint when they try to communicate something that there are no words for

You know how the saying goes, earth without art is just “eh”
And I don’t understand that, if art is what they call something that there isn't a word for
Then is art a word? Furthermore, what’s the earth? All I really got a grip on so far is the “eh”
Which is also only a feeling and I just wanted to make something beautiful
But all I have is these words and these abstractions of meaning, am I just fucking dreaming?
Because I feel like my voice isn’t even being heard and I don’t know what I’m saying
And all I have is these letters and pain, but no, that’s not what this is
Is NOT what this is
I don’t know what this is, I don’t really know what to say, what series of shapes can possibly convey, inject my thoughts into your brain?
And if I couldn’t be beautiful, at least I’d try to sound smart
But all I have is these words and this fucking heart here on earth
And it still isn’t art, it’s just “eh”

Exaggerated sigh

This heart full of red blood, dead bugs fill up behind these eyes
And I try not to cry because I’m still so frustrated, so fucking frustrated it’s not even the right word
Don’t mention synonyms either cause they’re not correct, I’m a non-believer, they won’t scratch this itch
Grant my wish that if I can’t even sound smart, just don’t be totally crazy, it would amaze me if I even came out to read this
I’m so trapped up in my head, already feel sorta dead so what is this?
Where am i?
Who are you? It’s a lie
They say that “forever” is just up in the sky
But then where is the earth? And here I still try
As if these Fs were my wings and I could finally fly or these Os turned to stones and built me a tower so I could see for myself
Cause seeing is believing, but what if you can’t believe what you see?
Can any of you even really see me? And if you can, what am I? A body? A head? And if blood is red can you recognize me? Can you paint me this picture? Is it a mixture of colors or am I just fucking red? Are we even alive here or something instead?

I’m still trying so hard to reach you right now
Not to hold you or touch you, just to tell you I love you
But that simple word just won't fucking fit, it's shorter than planet, which is another name for what they call the whole earth, which is not five or six letters and love is not four, but now those are numbers, I can't do anymore
The answers get too convoluted to see
What the fuck does that even mean?
L-O-N-LEY just seems like a better fit to me
Yet I’m still trying to stay, not get off this earth quickly before I have my say... Ha
You bastards
You tricked me
Cause the floor is now mine and I know you all know that there's really no rhyme or any amount of god damn fucking time that can explain this, this
I’m still trying to tell you about
But this poem has no meaning
It’s fucking gibberish