I'm truly trying,
I'm giving it my all,
But I give in over and over,
To my temptations,

Substances every where,
Drugs are my vice,
Gripping me,
Squeezing around my neck,

I crave the rush,
The chaos,
I have so much to hold onto,
But my hope is depleting,

I've only broken through,
The first door of a million,
To my recovery,
I'm not ready to give up yet,

I'm going to give it my all,
But I'm so scared,
I've known drugs,
For most my life,

Theres nothing to hold me back,
But myself,
I have to rely,
On my own will,

Its not over yet,
I got to hold on,
To something,
If not myself,
But for the loved ones who watched me wither.