Turn Up

We are legion, we are your nightmares
We are all of the things, that give life to fear
Opening the casket, the moon of a new world
Floods my little box.

I bide my time, I'm just waiting for mine
My fucking chance
To burn the world down to my feet
So many people, so many chances
So many souls embarking their destinies
Fighting for significance
It's an embarrassment

I bet every one of them suffers from
Their delusions of grandeur
Shoveling chemicals into their bodies.
I bet they feel so fucking nice
Bi-weekly paychecks or a settlement
I might entice
Some CHAOS..

I engineer malice at my fingertips
Like a secret in the dark.
I blend in with your crowds
And spread my disease.

I'd like to entice you to abandon your faith
To leave here with the knowledge of your
Fucking disgrace...

I'd like to manipulate your families,
Count out 1-87

My lack of humanity entraps me like a robe
A mask of darkness and desolance
I feel no pity as I drop her to the floor
This fucking bitch has never met malevolence

This gonna be a fucking blast.
We are legion and we are here at last.

Hang them from my hooks and let them hollow out.

The stench of wickedness mourns your sudden demise
You're surprised, at the sight of my narrowing eyes
I feel alive, and fucking giddy inside as cry
Lose your eyes, rip your spine, man I fucking love life

We are legion, we wear the mask of deception
We are forbidden, we are forgotten
We are the ones who control your fucking dreams

I just wish my time would come,
this fucking waiting is no longer fun
Never give up,
I'll wait until the day I die
For my chance, to burden the world with my mark
I don't want to make your life better
I don't even want to bring you down
I want to open your fucking eyes to what's real
And if anyone tries to stop us they will be our next meal

Turn up the fucking violence